I was 16 (1967) when by chance one Sunday afternoon in via Meravigli in Milan, I was intrigued by a small shop that exhibited 1/24 scale slot cars.

My friend Cecè had one Scalextric at home and I had the opportunity to compete with him as well I decided to go inside and have a look.

To my surprise the Miss pointed to a staircase that led down into a vast basement and there- heavenly vision - I saw three trails. I was immediately attracted to one of the three - the longest, eight lanes - with a long straight which ended with a majestic parabolic curve.

Boys and "fewer boys" gave each other battle engaged in driving.

I was a little shy then, but later a bit 'one of those gentlemen in the photos above (Paolo Vecchiotti) came up and asked me if I wanted to try. He lent me one car, a button and he made me activate one of the free lanes. There electricity was given for a fee and on time, but they let me try free for a quarter of an hour.

By now I was addicted!

I returned often and with the money of the pocket money I rented a car, button and track.

The rented cars, however, do not me they were enough more, so meeting that boy again I asked him if he had a car to sell and so I bought my slot car. It was not the best, Cox magnesium chassis and sidewinder drive with a motor twice the others and a mustard-colored body, heavy and "ballerina".

With the help of the Center technician, Brazioli to my right in the first photo, I improved it and learned how to change, disassemble, elaborate and the various tricks of the "trade".

One evening Mr. Pelucchi - first photo far left - producer of the Mini Dream Car and from there the true story began: high-performance cars, races won ... and lost, 24 hours - I remember one in particular - the first - in the center of via Washington, where I ran in the night shift..che sensation!!

I participated in lap races fast, at the Lombard championships and finally at the Italian ones in Monza, in conjunction with the Grand Prix ... yes yes the very ones won by Fautario, from the Pizzi stable, eternal rival !! (You see article in Stories of the past) :-(

Old loves are never forgotten, so back on track to teach kids this sport, yes own sport, teach team spirit, loyalty and I commit.